Full Service Landscaping, Hardscaping, and Irrigation

Scapeway Gardeners knows that every property is unique and each client has their own set of expectations. Scapeway Gardeners will look at how we may be limited or helped by the natural landscape and develop a landscape plan that is right for your particular project.

Creative Plantings
We take pride in trying to find the right plant for the right location. You may need a hedge to block a particular view? You may need some shade trees? You may want color all year long? Maybe you’re looking for low maintenance? We can develop a planting design to fit your needs.

Site Analysis / Design
Before work is started, we take a good look to see how we may be limited or helped by what the natural landscape has to offer. Then listening to your needs we are more often than not able to create a landscape that is the right fit for that space.

Water runoff from downspouts can cause a lot of damage. We can neatly connect to downspouts and carry that water underground to daylight or into a dry well. Either way runoff should be controlled at the start of a project.

Machine grading is critical to keep surface water running away from foundations or puddling up. This also allows for a nice smooth lawn mowing experience.

Overseed / Seed / Sod Lawns
If you’re old lawn has good soil and just needs to be rejuvenated? We can overseed. If you’re sick of your old bumpy thin lawn? We can re-grade, spread loam and seed. If you want a beautiful lawn right away? We can supply topsoil, grade and sod.

Parking Areas
Need to extend a driveway, or need an extra parking space for that boat or camper? Processed bluestone is a less expensive alternative to paving.

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