Full Service Landscaping, Hardscaping, and Irrigation

A new walkway makes a great impression upon entering a home. Need more space to gather or cook on the grill? How about a patio? There are so many different, materials, colors, shapes and patterns to choose from. Take your patio space to the next level and install an outdoor living area with sinks, refrigerators, counter tops, built in grills and fire pit. These spaces are really catching on and provide a fun, functional, appealing place to spend some time with friends and family.

Retaining Walls — Stone/Segmented Block Walls/Timber Walls 

You pick the materials and we will build the wall!

Stone Veneer
If you have a concrete foundation, wall, set of steps, or post, we can cover them with a stone veneer. This will enhance the appearance of your home and increase the property value.

Site Analysis / Design 

Before work is started, we take a good look to see how we may be limited or helped by what the natural landscape has to offer. Then listening to your needs we are more often than not able to create a landscape that is the right fit for that space.

Landscape Lighting 

LED lighting and low-voltage lighting will extend the use of your patio areas at nighttime when it would normally be too dark. You can accent statuary, plant materials, house facades, moonlight from treetops, etc. Lighting designed properly is one of the most eye-catching services in today’s landscaping.

Freestanding Walls and Pillars
These walls are not weight bearing or structural in design. They are strictly decorative and provide a specific function. Some examples include: an entryway wall –a type of wall that may run on both sides of your driveway and could be accented with end pillars, or a sitting wall–a type of wall that may be built along the border of an existing patio to provide more seating area.

These water features can stand alone or be built into a hardscape project. However you decide to use these water features, combine them with lighting and they really stand out and make a statement.

Fire Pits
Fire pits make a great spot for people to gather and relax. Certain soft woods that you burn like Pine will provide a crackling noise while other harder woods like Cherry will send out a pleasant aroma. The most critical decision is where to locate your fire pit. It should be at least ten feet away from any structure and there should be ample room for people to gather. Fire pits when built correctly with the right materials can become an attractive addition to your landscape.

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