Full Service Landscaping, Hardscaping, and Irrigation

Why should I dethatch my lawn?
A layer of thatch prevents moisture, oxygen and nutrients from reaching the soil. Thatch layers can also harbor disease and insects.

How does aerating benefit my lawn?
As lawns age or sustain heavy use from various activities soil compaction can result. Aeration will increase the activity of microorganisms that decompose thatch, increase nutrient movement into the soil and improve water infiltration, fertilizer uptake and rooting.

Why is applying lime important?
Lime neutralizes the acidity of the soil. A PH test will tell you how acidic your soil may be. 10 – 20 lbs. of lime per 1000 square feet will maintain your soils PH. 50 lbs. per 1000 square feet will correct the PH by one point. A PH of 7 is neutral.

Why is it important to keep your lawn mower blades sharp?
When you cut the lawn with dull blades it rips and shreds the grass blades. Ripped or shredded grass blades turn brown an millions of brown tips viewed from far away make the lawn look brown. Ripped grass blades allow the turf to dry out faster in the sun and allow entry for disease and pathogens.

Are mulch colorants safe?
Yes… Investigations show that mulch colorants pose no threat to people, pets or the environment. The dyes currently used by the mulch industry are similar to those used in the cosmetic and other manufacturing industries and pose no health or environmental risk.

Colorants: Iron Oxide (Red) and Carbon Black

Iron Oxide is used extensively in facial cosmetics, paints, and other chemicals. It has been used for centuries.
Carbon Black is virtually pure elemental carbon and is used in many consumer and industrial products. Both colorants are safe and non-toxic.

Benefits of Colored Mulches

Colored mulch is very popular. For many its 80% of their business.
Offers consistent color throughout the season.
Gives customers a variety of color choices.
It’s safe. Iron oxide is used to color food. It also adds iron to the soil which helps the greening process for plants and shrubs