Full Service Landscaping, Hardscaping, and Irrigation

Irrigation systems are a valuable tool to any lawn maintenance program. The maintenance on these systems is minimal. Once in a while a head may need to be replaced or even less often a solenoid. Once a year the system needs to be winterized and if you get on our irrigation blow out list this will cost you less than renting the proper size compressor and doing it yourself.

Fertilization programs work much better when paired with an irrigation system. Many applications need to be watered in for the fertilizer and control products to get through the thatch layer and down to the root system. Fertilizer and many control products are volatile and will degrade if just left on the grass surface. Irrigation systems can be programmed to provide the correct amount of moisture needed at the proper time.

Irrigation Systems/Sprinkler Systems— Repairs / Startups / Winterization
When other lawns are dry and weak yours will still look healthy and green. Irrigation systems and sprinkler systems can give a deep root watering, which once established is what your lawn really needs. No one has the time, patience or enough bug spray to drag hoses or hand water their lawn. Have you ever tried watering a new seed or sod lawn? Trying to keep up with the watering is a full time job. These systems are automatic, very efficient and they do the work for you.

Dry Riverbeds / Pondless Riverbeds / Ponds / Waterfalls
Maybe you have a sloped area that is hard to maintain or you don’t know what to do with?

  • A pondless riverbed with night lighting will captivate all who gather. The mixed sights and sounds of heavy waterfalls to trickling riverbed water, enhanced with submersible and above ground LED lighting will set the mood for any occasion. Warning, some of the guests may leave jealous and with envy.
  • A dry riverbed with the proper plantings around it, will add a lot of character and beauty to a spot that was once hard to maintain. If you wish, you could add water to the riverbed and have it trickle into a pond.
  • Ponds can be made in different shapes or sizes. Ponds can support aquatic life or just provide a tranquil place to sit and listen.

Landscape Lighting
LED lighting and low-voltage lighting will extend the use of your patio areas at nighttime when it would normally be too dark. You can accent statuary, plant materials, house facades, moonlight from treetops, etc. Lighting designed properly is one of the most eye-catching services in today’s landscaping.

These water features can stand alone, or be built into hardscape projects. However you decide to use these water features, when combined with lighting they really stand out and make a statement.

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