Full Service Landscaping, Hardscaping, and Irrigation

We hired Scapeway because we were looking to add a nicer front walk to our home. We were not exactly sure what we wanted to do. Jim was able to give us some guidance and what we ended up with was absolutely beautiful. In all, Jim installed a Y shape walk, new stone covered stairs, stone edging around the entire house and pool, crushed stone around the pool, great new mulch, and he was even able to level out a piece of the back yard that was bugging us. The work that Jim did was miles ahead of what I could have envisioned for our home. His work was done quickly, efficiently and the quality of the products used, and of the workmanship itself was incredible.

T & L – West Bridgewater, MA

Irrigation Systems/Sprinkler Systems— Repairs / Startups / Winterization
When other lawns are dry and weak yours will still look healthy. Irrigation systems and sprinkler systems can give a deep root watering, which once established is what your lawn really needs. No one has the time, patience or enough bug spray to drag hoses or hand water their lawn. Have you ever tried watering a new seed or sod lawn? Trying to keep up with the watering is a full time job. These systems are automatic, very efficient and they do the work for you.

Landscape Lighting
LED lighting and low-voltage lighting will extend the use of your patio areas at nighttime when it would normally be too dark. You can accent statuary, plant materials, house facades, moonlight from treetops, etc. Lighting designed properly is one of the most eye-catching services in today’s landscaping.

Retaining Walls — Stone/Segmented Block Walls/Timber Walls
You pick the materials and we will build the wall!

Stone Veneer
If you have a concrete foundation, wall, set of steps, or post, we can cover them with a stone veneer. This will enhance the appearance of your home and increase the property value.

Hardscapes: Walkways, Patios, and Outdoor Living Areas
Tired of those old stepping-stones that are cracked or barely visible? Typical small-scale hardscaping examples include patios and sidewalks. A new walkway makes a great impression upon entering a home. Need more space to gather or cook on the grill? How about a patio? There are so many different, materials, colors, shapes and patterns to choose from. Take your patio space to the next level and install an outdoor living area with sinks, refrigerators, counter tops, built in grills and fire pit. These spaces are really catching on and provide a fun, functional, appealing place to spend some time with friends and family.

Site Analysis / Design
Before work is started, we take a good look to see how we may be limited or helped by what the natural landscape has to offer. Then listening to your needs we are more often than not able to create a landscape that is the right fit for that space.

Water runoff from downspouts can cause a lot of damage. We can neatly connect to downspouts and carry that water underground to daylight or into a dry well. Either way runoff should be controlled at the start of a project.

Machine grading is critical to keep surface water running away from foundations or puddleing up. This also allows for a nice smooth lawn mowing experience.

Overseed / Seed / Sod Lawns
If you’re old lawn has good soil and just needs to be rejuvenated? We can overseed. If you’re sick of your old bumpy thin lawn? We can re-grade spread loam and seed. If you want a beautiful lawn right away? We can supply topsoil, grade and sod.

Creative Plantings
We take pride in trying to find the right plant for the right location. You may need a hedge to block a particular view? You may need some shade trees? You may want color all year long? Maybe you’re looking for low maintenance? We can develop a planting design to fit your needs.

Parking Areas
Need to extend a driveway, or need an extra parking space for that boat or camper? Processed bluestone is a less expensive alternative to paving.

Dry Riverbeds / Pondless Waterfalls / Ponds
Maybe you have a sloped area that is hard to maintain or you don’t know what to do with?

A pondless waterfall with night lighting will captivate all who gather. The mixed sights and sounds of heavy waterfalls to trickling riverbed water, enhanced with submersible and above ground LED lighting will set the mood for any occasion. Warning, some of the guests may leave jealous and with envy.

A dry riverbed with the proper plantings around it, will add a lot of character and beauty to a spot that was once hard to maintain. If you wish, you could add water to the riverbed and have it trickle into a pond.

Ponds can be made in different shapes or sizes. Ponds can support aquatic life or just provide a tranquil place to sit and listen.

Snow Plowing and Sanding (now accepting new accounts)
We have to stay busy these months too. We operate around the clock on call to take care of any commercial snowplowing or sanding needs.