Scapeway Gardeners 2016 News

This winter turned out to be much different than last winter. The snow accumulations were below normal and the temperatures remained fairly mild. If you like winter activities like skiing, ice skating or like to ride snow mobiles this winter was not the one for you. Even far up in Northern Maine there was not that much snow cover.

Last year we were low on rainfall (irrigation systems were running overtime) and we had one of the most beautiful fall seasons that extended into December. We are starting 2016 with a low water table and very little snowmelt from the higher locations to help alleviate this problem. If we do not have many April showers the irrigation systems are going to be running on overtime once again.

Last season we had an abundance of irrigation repair calls and we will share with you some of the things we found. More often we found the problems on systems whose source was a well. This does not exclude systems that are tied to town water supplies from having these similar problems. If you have a well you need to have a filtration system near the well supply (picture 1). These filters trap debris before entering your valves or irrigation heads. It is less costly to clean or change a filter than to chase and clean the debris throughout the entire irrigation system. Each individual irrigation head has its own filter (picture 2). Not much water is going to be shooting out of this head. This debris could have been trapped by the filter.

At least once a year, open your valve box covers and take a look. Having the cover exposed will help your irrigation technician if any trouble shooting is necessary. Some valve boxes look like this (picture 3). When Scapeway Gardeners installs an irrigation system the valves are placed on a bed of stone. This may take a little more time to do but it helps with drainage and keeping the integrity of all the valve box components. The spotted Salamander knows the value of a quality valve box installation (pictures 4 and 5).

If the possibility of finding a spotted Salamander or even something larger and scarier keeps you from servicing your valve boxes, then call us and we will be there to help.

Please look through our website and if there is anything we can help you with do not hesitate to call or send us an email.

Our backyard consisted of a small, sloping area that washed down into the woods. Scapeway Gardeners came in and transformed our useless area into a spacious backyard with a beautiful lawn. Jim and his team harvested boulders from our land and built a retaining wall with stone steps that lead down to our patio. We never envisioned our yard looking so lovely. We went from having no space for entertaining to having the best party yard in the neighborhood!

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