Scapeway Gardeners Maintenance Services

We recently did a lot of work on the exterior of our home and wanted to finish off the project with a stone patio. Jim was highly recommended by a friend, he helped us pick out some materials and we exchanged ideas. He created a design for the paver patio and fit in two granite steps that lead to the back yard. He finished with two beautiful walls, one to retain the patio space and another along our driveway. The finished product is awesome!

P & LA - West Bridgewater, MA

Weekly Lawn Mowing (now accepting new accounts)
This is an important part of our services that will keep the clients property looking well maintained throughout the season.

Free Property Analysis
Let us look, after all it’s free. Maybe we will be able to make a few suggestions or come up with a seasonal plan to enhance the appearance of your property.

Spring Clean-up
There are different levels of work that can be involved in a spring clean up. You let us know what you’re interested in having done and we will be able to accommodate your needs.

Fall Clean-Up
We can stay ahead of the clean up by working at your property every other week while the leaves are falling, or just do one final clean up towards the end of the season.

Fertilization Programs
Turf fertilization contributes greatly to lawn color, density, uniformity and growth. The major goal of these programs is to produce attractive healthy turf. We can customize a program to fit your needs.

Weed, Insect, and Disease Control
We have a basic five step program that will address most of your lawn maintenance needs. Sometimes a lawn may need some special applications due to harder to control weeds, insects or disease. We are licensed and able to handle any of these issues.

Edging and Mulching
Cobblestone comes in a variety of colors and when installed with cement is a more permanent type of edge restraint. If not cobblestone, we still hand dig our edges and are able to install whatever color mulch or stone you may desire for your planting beds.

There are a host of reasons to prune. Maybe there has been winter damage, maybe you need to prune back some new growth, maybe there are limbs near wires, etc…Pruning can be done with little damage to the plant if done correctly.

If your lawn is green on top but brown underneath or if it looks dead and scalped when you mow, it may be time to dethatch. A layer of thatch prevents moisture, oxygen and nutrients from reaching the soil. Thatch layers can also harbor disease and insects.

As lawns age or sustain heavy use from various activities soil compaction can result. Aeration will increase the activity of microorganisms that decompose thatch, increase nutrient movement into the soil, and improve water infiltration, fertilizer uptake and rooting.